Dr. Odo Turowski Business Advice & Support China - Americas - Russia
Dr. Odo TurowskiBusiness Advice & SupportChina - Americas - Russia

Background: Business Europe and Asia

Name: D r . O d o T u r o w s k i

Nationality: German

Profession: Business and Governmental Advisor

Phone: +49 172 7817477

Email:  dr.odo@odoturowski.com

1987 Technical University, Ilmenau, Germany

Doctor scientae economicae - Strategic industrial planning

1984 Technical University, Ilmenau, Germany

Doctor economicae - Innovation theory

1980 University for Economics, Berlin, Germany

Diplomwirtschaftler - Diploma

Languages: German, English, Russian

Key qualification

Business advisor/manager for Marketing/Sales in Europe and Asia

Designing regional Sales/Distribution networks

Establishing sales offices in Emerging markets

Recruiting & Training of local staff

Implementing & Realization of KeyAccounting strategy

Evaluation of Businesses, Locations & Partners in Europe, Asi, Americas

Markets & Competition in Europe, Asia, Americas

Companies (potential customers & business partners)

European and Asian business locations and regional administrations

Job record

1997 - 2016 Freelancing Business and Governmental Consultant/Advisor

2003 - 2007 Marketing/Sales Consultant for German Companies and Institutions

2000 - 2002 Advisor Ministry for Industry & Technology of Republika Srpska

1999 Manager German KfW-TRANSFORM Project St.Petersburg

1997 - 1998 Director EU-TACIS Enterprise Support Center Southern Urals Russia

1996 ABB Management Consulting, Heidelberg,Germany, Senior Consultant

1990 - 1995 A.T. Kearney GmbH Management Consultants, Germany, Associate

1990 University of Tübingen / University of Stuttgart, Germany, Lecturer

1985 - 1989 Kombinat Mikroelektronik Erfurt, Germany, Project manager R&D

1980 - 1985 Technical University, Ilmenau, Germany, Scientific assistant